Need help, ST or HS3

Hello i’ve been reading for a while and dunno which way i should go. I know that i’m on ST forum so most users will tend toward ST, but i’m pretty sure that someone has already try both and could help me on that.
Here’s a little bit of the project:
In my past home i worked with insteon with an ISI99-IR. I’m not planning to use insteon again as the system was a little sluggish and had too much latency, but i’m open to retry if i can be convinced of the reliability.
I was thinking to maybe use Z-wave this time as i want lock, lights, security system and multimedia work together.
I already own a Logitech Ultimate with a wifi hub, 2 Nest protect, Gefen HDMi Matrix switcher and all the amplifiers, airplay (6 airport express) components , speakers etc… i would like to re-use most of it if possible. I already use Raspberry pi 2, Arduino pro trinket and uno 3 for Digital led controls. I would like to have something that concentrate everything to be easy to control, as my wife’s not a tech girl. hehe. Security system is a must and i would like to have the possibility to automaticly unlock door as we’re close of the house (and start lighting etc…)

Here’s a list of what’s on my mind:
Lights :

  • 20 dimmer switch
  • 2 companions (3 way)
  • 2 switch with integrated keypad for scene control
  • Hub for controls


  • Main Panel with battery, ethernet, etc …
  • 1 Basic keypad (basement)
  • 1 Touchscreen keypad (Honeywell tuxedo?)
  • 5 Wireless Windows Sensor
  • 1 Wireless door sensor
  • 1 wired Movement detector (small dog)
  • 1 wireless Movement detector (small dog)
  • 2 water sensor
  • 1 or 2 outdoor Dome Camera for main entrance
  • 2 Automatic Door lock 2Way that work in cold winter… (Z-wave?)
  • 2 doors are already wired and have sensors

As for the multimedia part, i would like to be able to control lights when i play a movie, start music with air play etc… All controlled by ios devices of course…
Any help or thoughts?

Thank you!