Need Help Pairing Ring Contact Sensor to SmartThings Hub

@Daniel2_Kusterer If some developer doesn’t come out with fully loaded driver I’ll publish my adopted stock driver.
I think that if you are using stock DTH tor your sensors, that they will be moved automatically t9 stock edge driver.
With SmartThings moving devices from DTahbto edge drivers you don’t have to remove and add devices. If you want to do it ahead you’ll need to remove and sensors again. Some users might have a lot automations that might loose if don’t do driver swap correctly. I did mine using one virtual contact sensor in place of all automations.

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In the Moment I use the Standard Z-Wave device handler .

Thank you for your help

Try this link


The Sensor ist working with you driver. Thank you so much.

My Smartthings website no longer has a tab for “My Devices” how do I change the device type for the Ring Z-Wave S2 sensor?

Saw your Youtube video on the subject.

Thanks, I have all my doors switched and they all work.

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I started with my one spare sensor and am adding an edge sensor, changing the name of the old one to (name)x and then swapping it out in each automation with new (name) sensor, unpairing and resetting the old one, then moving to the next sensor and doing it all again until I am thru. I got all the doors and the fridge done in about an hour. Still have to do the windows tomorrow night

Hi David! Welcome to the community! Sorry for my late reply. It appears that you have found an answer to your question. If not, I would recommend that you to check out the following community thread: Edge Driver needed for the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor Using the 'Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor' DTH

Funny that two David K’s enter this discussion at the same time. I was following this discussion the entire time, and got mine switched over the last several days. The other DavidK is new. Milan’s driver works great. But I did have a few sensors that took mulltiple tries to get them to exclude and then repair properly. One I almost gave up on, as it kept pairing as a stock DHT Zwave sensor, then on about the 5 or 6th try it worked. I now only have two devices still on DHT’s a Zen51 relay for my hardwire smoke detectors and a Hue Outlet.

Did you ever solve this?

Just bought some of these but they are not working out of the box as expected. Any suggestions for 2023?

I guess it is working but has a lot of other data on it such as water sensor, smoke detector…. No way to change it to just an open/close sensor.

I don’t have the driver installed and don’t see an option for one.

Did you try Milan’s driver mentioned above?

Need help to pair Ring Contact Sensor to SmartThings hub - #23 by milandjurovic71

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Yeah, sorry. I should have updated my post. The driver fixed it.

Thank you.

Still really missing my Vacation Lighting Director….

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Hi, does this still work for the Ring sensor with ST? I just installed it but the phone app for that device gives me a message - This device hasn’t updated all of it status information yet. Check again at a later.
Below is a screenshot from ST desktop.

Works for me. Push that button on the sensor to see if that makes the difference.

Yeah, still having issue with Ring Contact Sensor P2 for use with vEdge…

I also have IRIS Contact Sensor and it works great with with vEdge integation with Amazon Alexa. I think I am going to return it. I will try to find the same IRIS sensors but it seem like they don’t manufacture those anymore.

Do you know of any good contact sensor to get?

Thanks, Philip

I only use Ring Contact sensors Gen2. They work flawlesly. I don’t have single one that failed for any reason. Batteries last for more than a year or two. I have replaced batteries only once on 3 sensors that are used on main entrance and patio doors, and on kitchen window. All other sensors have original batteries since these Gen2 sensors were released (3 or 4 years ago). They don’t loose conection eather. All other contact sensors that i tried, had shorter battery life of 3-6 months or they needed repeater. I have left only one Zooz Contact sensor due sensor size (using it in mailbox), but battery life is not great during winter (Chicago area) as it gets cold.
I guess Ring sensors are made for security system ;-).
I would stick with Ring sensors even that are Z-wave as long as Z-wave is supported on Smartthings.
Try to pair again or just change drivers until they show or update all fileds. I know that my driver works fine. Tested.


My Ring Gen2 sensors picked up the Z-Wave Sensor CS driver since I had it installed for some Ecolink and Aeotec sensors. It works flawlessly with the Ring sensors as well.


I got that one too. Let me shot you some screenshots for smartthings settings plus vEdge settings below. Can you take a quick look to see if you see anything unusual.

Thanks for taking your time.