Need Help...Grinder Pump Shutdown

I have a power monitored z-wave plug that my grinder pump in plugged into.
The switch is always on so the float can turn the pump on.
When the pump comes on it draws around 10 amps and empties the tank on about 30 seconds.
Sometimes it doesn’t prime perfect and just continues to run. Cycling the pump fixes it.
I would like a program that once it sees a current over say 7 amps for 1 minute that it would turn off the pump and then cycle it back on.

I have looked and can’t find anything… not smart enough to write my own program either. Can anyone help?

I use Webcore for a similar function. I have a plug connected to a 3D printer. When it drops below 12w for 2 minutes, it auto powers off. It would be pretty simple to modify it to then wait X seconds and power back on.

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If your pump won’t burn out then internet control sounds fine.

In hardware this can be done without depending on internet, with a timer-relay, with function “power start, ON first” also called “on-cycle” .

set the Time Cycle to 40seconds on, 40seconds off.

example part# Idec RTE-B1AF20 + socket SR3B-05 .