Seeking a Sump Pump SmartApp

Hi, I’m a new SmartThings user and this is my first post with a SmartApp need. I have a sump pump in my basement that from time to time gets stuck after mud and debris build up in the pit. Under normal circumstances, the sump pump will turn on when the water level increases and the float is raised up. The water is discharged and the pump goes into a rest mode. When the mud and debris build up, the float is elevated, the pump turns on, but never shuts off until I hear it running. This is not a good situation.

I have a Z-Wave Metering Switch which notifies me when power is drawn once the sump pump is activated. What I need is a simple SmartApp (if there is such a thing) that would send me a notification if the sump pump were active for more than, say, 10 seconds. A real plus would be that after 10 seconds, the Z-Wave Metering Switch shuts off the sump pump to prevent the motor from burning out.

I know very little about how to write a custom SmartApp. If someone could do so, I’d be grateful and can begin to learn how to do my own SmartApps knowing the desired outcome in this scenario.



“Core” smartapp or “webCore” would be appropriate.

I would probably put a time-delay-relay on the pump, to prevent long operation, without requiring internet. The same relay can drive a bell alarm to notify you.

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