Need an automatic way to trigger a power outage/restore scene

I have replaced all outlets in a home in south Florida with Geeni CURRENT + CHARGE Smart Wi-Fi Wall Outlets. With these outlets, each “plug” can be controlled separately or the entire outlet as one.

Because of the frequent power outages in south Florida, the home has an whole home generator which kicks on after the main power is lost for 15 seconds.

Several items are plugged into APC battery backups, which are plugged into the Geeni outlets, to “stay on” during this 15 second interval.

However, and here is the issue I need help with, the Geeni outlets do not return to the previous power state after a loss of power. So, if the plug/outlets was “on” (providing power to the item plugged in to it…like the battery backup) before the power outage, it will come back online in the “off” state once power is restored (literally 15 seconds later).

I have created a scene in the Geeni app, accessible via Alexa also, to “power all plugs” that I use to turn back on all the outlets after restoration of power.

What I am looking to find/do is automate the activation of that scene. I know I could set up multiple routines in the Amazon Alexa app to “run” the scene every 30 minutes or so, but seems like overkill. What I’m trying to figure out is how to create something that would work in either Alexa, smartthings, IFFF, or similar that would “see” that something (anything) loss power or connectivity and then, when that happens, wait 20-30 seconds and then run/trigger the “power all outlets” scene.

Any ideas? Thank you for your help and advice.

Sorry about that. Yes, I am using the SmartThings hub.

Regardless, since writing the post and now, I have figured out not one, but two solutions to my issue/need. I was able to find and set up a “power load” sensor that detects the presence or absence of power. I used it to trigger my Alexa scene to power all my Geeni outlets after a loss and restoration of power. The second solution was finding a multi-sensor that, among other things, detects vibration. I placed that on my external generator and, when it detects the vibration of the generator starting up automatically after a power outage (and thereby providing power to the home), it also triggers the Alexa scene to power all the Geeni outlets back on. I did have to use some virtual switches in SmartThings to get that vibration sensor to do what I wanted, but I got it working nonetheless.

So, I’m now covered TWO ways. Bonus!

Thank you for your reply and recommendation of the Reddit recommendation. I’m sure it will come in handy as a resource for my next automation question.

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hi, can’t seem to find any “power load” sensors… only “power monitors” which may be an overkill for a similar use case. can you point me please towards your eventual solution for the above? And the “power load” sensor you ended up getting if any? thanks

I never did implement a power “load” solution, just the power monitor.