Bouncing power on a smartthings 120v outlet

(Scott huotari) #1

I need to bounce a 120v outlet. Just off for a second when I set my house to away

The application is my front gate has a magnetic lock and if power is removed it locks. So when I leave or shut the garage door I want to remove power for a second then turn it back on so that the keypad works again

I have set up a scene that I am leaving and turn off all outlets. That is easy.

Now I need to get it back on.

At this point I have this complex scene set to turn on that outlet with a ton of triggers. Motion and no motion and quiet and not quiet and lights on and lights off. Basically if anything happens turn on that outlet.

Totally overkill

What I need is something that just turns on that outlet every 5 minutes. Or bounces power and then turns it right back on.


(Ben W) #2

With SmartLighting (and probably rule machine) you can trigger events based off of state. With smart lighting it will run locally which has a few advantages.

Basically if the outlet is off, it will turn it on.

I mentioned how to setup something in this thread:

(Bob) #3

Sounds like you need a virtual Momentary Button Tile. You should be able to tie it all together and control it with Smart Lighting or Rule Machine. State-based will also work, but the virtual solution additionally provides a button in the mobile app for testing or manual override.

(Scott huotari) #4

Thanks all. That did the trick. I installed Rule Machine and created a rule that will turn on the outlet if it is off.

I had to put in a 10 second delay to get it to work correctly. I think due to timing of when I do a whole house shutdown command.

So now I tell my house to go to sleep (leaving) and it turns all of the lights off. Then Rule Machine Comes along and says “Hey The Gate is Off” and it turns it back on.

Very Cool


(Scott huotari) #5

I need some help… My rule is not working all of the time. Yesterday around 10 pm, the kids came in and said the gate power was off. I looked at the logs and I find entries in there for value of off, on, 0, 1.1, 2, 2.2, 1.5. What does that mean??

I do see in there the off value at 10:06…