Need Advice: Wall Switch, Dual Functions

In a bedroom I have a ceiling fan and a wall switch that controls the bottom plug of a wall receptacle that has a table lamp plugged into it. It is really not in the ideal spot because the lamp is not close to the receptacle and the cord is out in the open. Basically, an eye sore. Historically, the ceiling fan could only be controlled by the pull chains in the fan, however, after a recent fan upgrade I finally added a fan remote and it can now be controlled via the RF remote controller.

To smarten things up a bit, I recent added a Bond device that can send commands to the ceiling fan via SmartThings and Google Home. That is all working just fine.

What I would like to do is incorporate a smart wall switch in place of the existing dumb one that will serve dual tasks, turn on/off the ceiling fan light and turn on/off a smart plug that I will have the lamp plugged into. I could care less about losing the functionality of controlling the power to the receptacle. Controlling the actual fan is not very important as I do it mostly with voice commands or SmartThings. Dimming is a luxury want, and not very important for either the fan or the lamp.

Can anyone recommend a smart wall switch for this setup that ideally won’t require an need hub and will work with SmartThings?

Check here.

For my ceiling fan/light (using Hampton Bay zigbee controller) I use a Sylvania button over top of the original switch, with tap up/down for the light and hold up/down for the fan.

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Assuming the Bond shows up as a switch in SmartThings, you can use the SmartLighting built-in automation to turn on both with one wall switch. WebCore can do it as well.