Home security and ST purchase

Hi All,

Been lurking on here and researching for months now and not finding what I am looking for. I am a fairly new home owner with a baby on the way. I am looking to integrate the ST hub some z-wave switches (looking at the zooz) and installing a DIY security system. Other appliances and z-wave devices later. I am looking for recommendations on which security system will work seamlessly with ST beside the ADT option as I think ADT is overpriced and so are the z-wave devices. So far I have been leaning towards Abode. I have looked into 2gig, honeywell, qolsys, and whatever services thewirecutter and cnet recommend. Is there a general consensus as to which route is the best? I am open to any suggestions. appreciate the help in advance.

Different things work for different people as people have very different requirements and comfort levels with security systems. For example, fire monitoring is very important for some people, while others are willing to go with only “intrusion” monitoring. As far as what works “seamlessly” with SmartThings, the only thing that does is the ADT/SmartThings security panel, and it’s a decent low cost offering although the camera options are very limited.

Abode is also a very good offering in the low-end price range, and has better integrated camera support, but while you can get some integration with SmartThings, it’s definitely not seamless.