Native Nest integration is supposed to be available this month. Anyone know exactly when?

This past December Smarthings announced native support for Nest Thermostats would be coming January 2021. I just checked and don’t see Nest showing up yet so I assume it hasn’t gone live yet. Anyone know if an exact date has been announced?


Nope, we don’t know

Similar questions posted on Twitter. No date mentioned yet and no description of how this will be achieved (ie does it need an app upgrade etc).

They have 23 more days to get it done :slight_smile: I would guess “Google Nest” will appear in the brands list when adding a device once it’s live.

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The doorbell might be an interesting alternative to ring but I really just want google to get their act together with the protects.


23 days locked down = a loooooooong time :smiley:

This is live now. I was able to add my thermostat without any issues. Gonna play around with it now but at first glance, the Mode for me isnt accurate. ST shows as “Heating” yet the thermostat is actually set to Away mode. At least its here now though!

Further update, “State” doesnt appear to be accurate either. Mine continues to show Idle even though the thermostat has switched on the heating. Maybe best to consider this as beta for now…