Namron Dimmer Zigbee 200W


Quick disclaimer, I’m new here, been playing with ST for a year but not with custom device handlers that much, I managed to get the new Ikea Styrbar DH to work and that’s about it.

Quick summary of my current setup, I have the ST hub V2 and I’m trying to add a Namron Dimmer Zigbee 200W to it, I have googled my ass of and as far as I can see there is not much listed for the zigbee kind.

I tried to create a DH myself via the template thing on the IDE but I just can’t seem to get the thing to work, I add a device throught the IDE but nothing happens when activating/deactivating it in the app. comes up as not connected.

I put the dimmer in network pairing mode but it does not seem to want to work.

Do i have to get a hue bridge to make this thing work?

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I have some thoughts, but let’s first see if someone who actually has this device comments.

Here is the documentation:

Just to get this out of the way…SmartThings does NOT support TouchLink, so you have to follow the “pairing through coordinator or hub” instructions.

And those instructions indicate a manual factory reset may be required first. Did you do that step?

Since this model says it can work with the Zigbee hub inside an Echo Plus, I am optimistic that it can be used as a zigbee dimmer when paired to a SmartThings hub, but I don’t know for sure. :thinking:

Hi that is not the correct doc’s tho, mine is the 200W inwall physical dimmer I’m pretty sure i have tried every way to pair this thing but I can always redo it later tonight!