Naming things on the "Things" page

(Peter) #1

How do I name the icons in the “Things” page? I look at it and cannot see, for example, which player is which player.

They all have the same icon and no description.

What will happen when I add 200 zwave nodes?

Thanks, Pete

ST App the weakest part of the system?
(Cassidy) #2

There’s currently no easy way that I’m aware of, but someone did tackle this a while back on this thread -

(Andrew Urman) #3

you can shake your phone

you have 12 Sonos???

(Peter) #4

Thanks. That seems like a involved work around. I’m surprised that you can’t simply choose to display the name instead of the icon. The name is already in the system.

I didn’t realize you could shake the phone for this. Very cool. I guess this will be it for now. I don’t understand why you couldn’t leave this full time with the names.

No, I do not have 12 Sonos. It is more, only 12 fit on one page.

Thanks, Pete

(Morgan) #5

OMG. What do you do with more than 12 Sonos? I’m curious.

(Anthony) #6

@thrash99er LMAO that was my immediate thought also.

Peter brought up a great point though… why not have the option of having the name displayed? I would think it’s similar to choosing the temperature over open/close on a multi sensor!

(Eric) #7

I’ve had some issues with this, too, and I haven’t found a good solution. I’d love to see the option to have a device use a text label rather than icon or photo.

Whoa. That’s a lotta stuff.

(Peter) #8

Re Sonos: Listen to music. I’ve got one in most rooms of my house, including 2 baths and two outside zones.

Zwave Nodes: I think it is more like 80 - 100 devices. I’ve chewed up 200+ nodes with dis-joining and rejoining devices. At the end of the day, every light switch and quite a few sockets are zwave. This allows an effective “All Off” of the entire house.

(Alex) #9

+1 on displaying labels instead of icons!

(Brian Smith) #10

jealous could never get the WAF on this one!

(Geko) #11

Ditto. This would be a welcome improvement. It’s been requested many times before, but apparently someone on the UX design team still believes that shaking the phone is “cool” :smile:

(Todd Richert) #12

Given how ugly the UI is, I don’t think there is a UI team …

(Gene Kendrick) #13

A agree. Names are needed on icons. I like the WEMO UI it lets you add pictures to the icons. Also my wife and I use iPads most of the time and the shaking does not work on them.

(Greg) #14

I use iPad and shaking works. but only side to side in portrait mode. I would prefer more powerful editing of icons to include names or custom icons.

(Greg) #15

Agree, this stinks. Let us put the name as I have 4 sonos devices, 4 seperate thermostats, multiple prox sensors, etc…

(Eric) #16

Yeah - names on the page would be fantastic! +1

(tduffy) #17

+1 on this as well. Would definitely help the acceptance factor, and my memory! now that we have > 100 “things”.

(Brian Smith) #18

Wow, really? Do tell what you have? I always like to hear about large setups and how you were able to achieve the wife or family approval factor! :slight_smile:

(tduffy) #19

Well, mostly I got the approval factor by building it slowly. It’s been a work in progress for about 2 years now.

I originally started with a Nest. Then added Hue bulbs, and switches to control lights where the house wasn’t wired for it. Those got major approval since lighting in our house was less than well planned originally. And now most of the house has Hue bulbs (I just love being able to change the color temperature!)

Added door locks and garage door opener/sensor, which was an easy sell when someone worries constantly that the garage door was left open. :smile:

After that, all the main areas got motion sensors so that lights would stop being left on. And more than half of the light and fan switches in the house are changed over at this point. And most recently, the system edged into my gardening, controlling the watering of my deck and greenhouse plants. (I’m eagerly awaiting the integration with PlantLink.)

Wow, I normally think of it as a pretty small system, but when I write it out I realize how big it’s gotten!

(Brian Smith) #20

Last weekend I installed my first switches (six to be precise). Mediocre reception. My wife is a bit freaked out that “the house knows things”. I originally installed two Kwikset locks, several door sensors, a few motion sensors, and a moisture sensor. Since my daughter did not always shut the front door well, I setup notifications when it was opened and closed. I think that freaked her out. It also freaked her out that when we were in Colorado we got notifications when the doors opened (friend coming over to check on the cats).

I think I need to get her past freakout before I move on, unfortunately. Or, I just press on and eventually she will catch up! I think my daughter likes it “because it is cool!” :smile:

Personally, I like walking up to the door when I get home and it is already unlocked, which is great when you have crap in your hands. The only keys I carry now are car keys!