Mysterious LIFX smartApp

After yesterdays update for android app v2.0.5 I can see LIFX (Connect) in my smartApps section which i have not added. Also very strange that when i try to delete it says I’m not authorised to perform the requested operation. Maybe another oauth related issue? Any idea whats going on here?

Hi, I have exactly the same thing except it’s installed 3 times!!

I cannot find anyway to uninstall it…

Also authorised to perform the requested operation…!


@SteMac One can only uninstall it when inside the app which we cant due to authorisation issue. I would have expected that when on the list of smart apps one should be able to long press it to get uninstall option too.

whoops - coming sooooooon :smile:

Email and they should be able to help get the defunct smartapps removed (although they might need to escalate, we can take care of it).

@Aaron To be honest very strange way of showing “coming sooooooon” features to show randomly anywhere in the app. Hire more app testers :wink:

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sidjohn1… YOU are the man!

Once the list is up > edit > uninstall

Yep, got to give you that one

Thanks a lot dude