MyQ Lite Device not showing up in Sharpertools

Hello everyone,

New to Smartthings very excited about all the possibilities. I am currently integrating with Sharpertools to get the more user friend dashboards set up for my family. When SharperTools ports the devices it excludes the Garage door device which is clearly listed in my Smartthings device list. I am using brbeaird MyQ Lite integration but I have seen posts that suggest that MyQ Lite device is able to port into Sharptools. Not sure if anyone out there has an idea as to why it isn’t including that device in the integration.

Appreciate any help i can get.

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Which MyQ Lite device handler are you using?

If you’re using the version that’s highly recommend by the device author and requires an external sensor, it should show up in several of the authorization lists (Contact Sensors, Switches, etc). If you’re not using that version, I would strongly recommend it over the -nosensor version.

If you’re using the -nosensor version, you’ll probably have to authorize the device manually as noted here. That being said, this version will report an Unknown state the vast majority of the time, so it won’t work well for anything that needs to know the door open/closed status. You could create SharpTools rules for sending the open or close command and add the rules to your dashboard, but the built in Garage Door tile won’t work well with the -nosensor version since the door state won’t be known.

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Josh thanks for the quick reply. I have a sensor coming in the mail as we speak to add it to the MQ Lite app. You are right i am using the one with -nosensor right now will integrate once i get the sensor and see if it picks it up.

Again thanks for the help.

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Josh added the sensor and it works great and shows up. Really appreciate the help here.

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