MyQ integration with a 3rd party gate opener

Hi, this is my first post. I have two all-o- Matic gate openers with LiftMaster 850LM remote controller unit. I am trying to create a smart gate by integrating it with MyQ if possible. I also have MyQ LiftMaster 8500W garage door opener’s with the integrated gateway.

Is there anyway to make this work?

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This forum is for people using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform so all of the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. It’s a very active forum, so it often comes up near the top for general home automation Google searches, but it’s not a general forum, so I’m not sure we can help you.

Are you using the Samsung platform?

If not, you might try your question on the Reddit home automation subforum, it’s brand agnostic.

If you are using the Samsung platform, please let us know what country you are in and what model SmartThings hub you have.

If you want to use a SmartThings hub, you can check out the Linear or GoControl GD00Z-4 controller. It’s compatible with some All-O-Matic models. You can find a list of compatible models in the table on this topic’s first post:

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I had two liftmaster operators, which have MyQ built-in. loved the ability to monitor the gates, get status alerts, open/close, etc.

but the liftmaster operators both failed after a few months due to installation on an incline…

just had two all-o-matic SL-150DC installed, they handle the incline as if it is not there…

but I sure do miss the ability to monitor and open/close the gates…

found this community and these two gadgets while searching for solutions: remootio and ismartgate

both claim that they are compatible with the all-o-matic operator, and both connect directly to the controller board, thought each connects to different locations on the board. neither connects to the remote (also an 850LM)

but are fairly expensive, and I am not sure if the weak wi-fi signal at the gate will allow them to communicate back to the router at home…

@Boris_Pearlman please feel free to contact me directly at with whatever you find, and I’ll share what I find with you.

btw, if you only need an open/close sensor, I found this:

YoLink Outdoor Contact Sensor

which requires the YoLink hub

The Meros smart garage also says that it is compatible with the All-O-Matic operator

Hey there, I’ve been using the YoLink leak and temperature sensors for a bit. As you mentioned they require their own LoRaWan hub given their particular radio requirements. But I have not found any hacks to federate the hub with ST. Ether C2C or local. YoLink Customer support is no help as it does not seem to be a priority for them to work on integration (other than Amazon). This is a shame because it seems to be good technology for long range sensors. Is your integration experience different?


Giorgio Pranzo

Hi Giorgio,

Sorry, I do not have any “smart” home devices yet and therefore cannot comment on SmartThings integration.

I did a lot more research and asked the various companies tons of questions, and end up ordering two Tailwind with vehicle sensor:

waiting for it to arrive, meanwhile, I installed a wired POE outdoor wifi access point to get better than 65dbm at both gates:

and purchased two outdoor magnetic reed switches that can operate with a wide gap since Tailwind (and other garage door gizmos) comes with a much smaller magnet requiring a very narrow gap and which is not rated for outside:

My original post was just at the start of my research, I was trying to help the original poster who asked about all-o-matic with what I’ve found at that point since I have the same gate operators.

I found is that any gizmo that can momentarily “short” two contacts will operate any gate operator, since all gate operators should have “open gate” terminals on their control board for a “push to exit button”, a fire department key, card reader, etc

and unlike a garage door, with a gate operator there is no need to worry about closing, since gates will automagically close.

but, the smart device should have some sort of a wired sensor, such as a magnetic reed switch, since a tilt sensor will not work with a gate.

if you want to go cheap Chinese, eBay has several at around $10

and if you are into DIY and have the time to tinker:

FYI: my other final candidates were Nexx and Garadget

Tailwind support was very responsive to all my questions, and I liked their “open on approach technology” even though (actually because) it requires an extra gizmo in the car.

Garadget support was amazingly responsive, but the laser might not work in bright light and dusty/dirty outside conditions which might obscure the reflective tape, and for some of the stuff I wanted it to do, it would have required a “home assistant” setup, which was too much for me to handle at this time.

I was not too impressed with Nexx capabilities esp “open on approach” and their support took a while to respond.

I ruled out iSmartgate as too expensive, not recall why I ruled out Remootio

Meross was ruled out due to a less reliable “open on approach” and for being expensive compared to other cheap Chinese devices.

hope this helps others looking to make their stupid gate operator smarter


Yolink is still relatively new but they are using technology that has z-wave, zigbee, and wifi beat. Some of their sensors boast a greater than 5 year battery life on only two AA batteries. I swear with SmartThings I am replacing batteries every 30 days to 9 months. Another thing they have going for them is range. They have up to ¼ mile range. So my OC sensor on the far west of my 5500 sq ft one-story house will talk to the hub on the other side with no issues and have a battery that will last over 3 years. They are on IFTTT so I’ve been using that to get some interoperability with ST. Also, I might point out that they have package deals with their hub and it can actually bring the price of the hub down to $8 so it isn’t going to break anybody.

Ever since I backed ST I have a drawer filled with custom batteries.

Yolink has an API and next month they are releasing an SDK. Take a serious look at and see what they have.

I am using a couple of Yolink outdoor contact sensors on my gates. The range is good but not the 1/4 mile advertised.

I reached out to Yolink about possible integration with SmartThings. They replied that it is in the works but Homekit and Home Assistant are in line before SmartThings.