myecobeeInit not showing thermostat to select

(Jerry) #1

In myecobeeInit it says I am connected but on the page to select my ecobee3 thermostat no thermostats appear. Thermostat appears fine on website. However in the ecobeechangemode smart app i can select my thermostat. Is this a problem I need to fix?

My Ecobee Init HTTP Status 500
(Yves Racine) #2

Hi @jdolan01, in an earlier post (Ecobee3’s remote sensors into ST), you mentioned that you lost your authorization to the ecobee servers.

When you execute My Ecobee Init, even if it is said that you’re connected, you have to re-connect (click on ecobee to log in), and re-login to ecobee with your username and password.

Then, you should be able to select your thermostat(s) by pressing ‘Next’ at the upper right corner and ‘Done’ when you’re done with the selection.

An empty screen with no thermostats to select means that the smartapp was not able to interface with your account at ecobee to get the list of thermostats.

If you have any other issues, please activate the live logging at, execute My Ecobee Init, select the smartapp at the top of the screen, and PM me the logs.


(Yves Racine) #3

Please double check also that you don’t have many My Ecobee Init instances under My Apps. If you see an ecobee thermostat in ecobeeChangeMode, it may be because you created several MyEcobeeInit instances, one of them instantiated the thermostat, and others failed for some reasons.

P. S. You can then uninstall the duplicated instances.