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My Somfy-SmartThings Integration

(Eric) #162

This is what I use



Do you have a useless % bar? Are your open/close/“my” buttons working as they should? how do you schedule blinds to open to the “my” setting at specific times?


(Eric) #164

The % bar should work, with the following understanding
<= 25 % means close
26-74% means preset position

= 75 % means open

calling setlevel with no argument we go to preset

The up /down buttons don’t do anything., at one time thought about trying to do nudge up / down, but the timing is too unpredictable in ST cloud for that.

Scheduling operations is something you would do with CoRE, WebCore, SmartLighing, or some other smartapp.

DTHs don’t typically schedule activities - smartapps are “the smarts” in creating automations.


(Nick Janes) #165

@chriswood1001 where can i get the remote for the somfy blinds to integrate to smarthings? Can u sell me one?



Did you get your SunSetter to work with Smartthings? I am planning on getting a SunSetter Easy Shade and I already have the ZRTSII… so I am hoping…


(greg) #167

I just ordered the ZRTSII for my sunsetter. I’m hoping it works too!

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(Justinfanok) #168

It definitely works for the sunsetter (I have the ZRTSII and a Sunsetter awning. Although, what you think of “open” and “closed” is different from this DTH’s original purpose. I’ve been working on modifying the device handler myself to make it more intuitive for Awning use; so when I press “Close” it retracts the awning, not opens it.


(Welson Barbosa) #169

HI. Which variable should I edit in order to make it work with my Blind. I have 5 installed, but just one added to my Zwave RTS network, for test purpose. I am not a programmer so it is hard to understand where I update your code to reflect my shades. tks


(jkp) #170

I used the following DTH for my Sunsetter awning. It uses “CLOSED” when the awning is extended out. It uses “UP” when the awning is retracted in. I edited the dth I am using to change it from “CLOSED” to “OUT”.



I am not able to get the above SmartApp installed to my IDE using GitHub or copy and paste. Using GitHub integration I just get a general error. Using copy and paste I get an error:

No signature of method: script1505920883176309178747.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script1505920883176309178747$_run_closure1) values: [script1505920883176309178747$_run_closure1@243f0abf] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

I’m a veteran C# developer but I’m very new to groovy and to SmartThings development so I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


(jkp) #172

If you are referring to the post on August 16th, you have to add it under My Device Handlers in IDE not My SmartApps. Trying to install a device handler in My SmartApps will return the error you described. Hope this helps :slight_smile:



Thank you @jkp. I was trying to put it under SmartApps. Any chance someone could help me understand what the value is in installing this device handler vs the one that is included in SmartApps? Is it the ability to set a percentage? Everything has been working fine for me with the standard integration, except that the ZRTSI would say the blinds received the command and about 1/3 of the time they had not. This was causing things to get out of sync a lot, especially with scenes. I was having to go into the SmartThings app and manually press “On” or “Off” again to get the blinds back in sync for the next time.

I personally found that if the ZRTSI just supported a configurable number of retries, things would probably work perfectly. So I buckled down and wrote my first SmartApp - the Switch Command Repeater. I have added this to my own network and I can say it works wonders. I’ve configured mine to 3 repeats with 2 seconds in between and I’ve never had the blinds fail to open or close. So that fixed my problem, but I want to make sure I’m not missing any value in having this custom Device Handler.

In case anyone would like to make use of the Command Repeater for the ZRTSI or for any other switch that doesn’t properly report it’s status, you can get my script here:

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(Kurt Sanders) #174

@jbienz Thank you for providing this solution. I have been fighting the, “How many times do I have to press the close button to get the ZRTSi controlled shade to operate?”

I had been contemplating adding this same repeat/delay logic into the ZRTSi DTH, but having this smartApp be applicable to any ST switch has broader capabilities.


(Kurt Sanders) #175


What DTH handler do you use with the ZRTSi Smofy controller? I am using the “Somfy Z-Wave Shades and Blinds Multi tile”, by namespace: “E_Sch”, author: “Eric, Ash, Others”


(Chris Pearson) #176

Hi All,

I’m in the UK and new to SmartThings and to Somfy blinds,

I currently have 2 somfy motorised blinds and a Telis 4 remote, I have set the blinds to the remote, channel 1 blind over French doors, channel 2 window blind, channel 3 both blinds. I will be adding 3 more somfy motorised blinds to my living room bay window over the next month.
All of my blinds are Double layer roller blinds, with the remote I have up set fully up, down set fully down and “my” set at fully down but open, i’d Like to be able to have the same control through smart things.

I have a few questions;

Has anybody in the UK purchased the Somfy ZRTSI and if so where from and what did it cost?

This is a really long thread, which I have read but all the updates etc have got me confused, what do I need (code) to get my blinds operating correctly?

How the … do I add the code to my SmartThings hub?

Thank you for your (anticipated) help :slight_smile:


(Graham) #177

Hi, I have integrated my Somfy blinds into SmartThings, by using Webcore (virtual switches) & Tahoma, utilising IFTTT to tie the two together. Works well but would be interested in a DH if available.



I’m new to this thread and could use some help.

I just got a ZTRSI controller and am using it with roller shades. Everything set up fine and I can control the shades, but with some issues:

  1. The virtual controllers came in as on/of switches rather than dimmable. I thought I would be able to lower the shades to a certain point by “dimming” them.
  2. On is up and off is down. This is backwards to me.

I’m lost here because I have no experience whatsoever in creating or loading custom code, or device handlers, or how to get to a SmartApp that might already have what I need.

Can someone lend a hand?



(Kurt Sanders) #179
  1. There are several threads that you can use to learn how to review and edit your devices. It is easy to do using the SmartThings IDE.
  2. SmartThings controls shades as an ‘On/Off’ switch. As far as I know, SmartThings does not have the ‘Up/Down’ for shades or for awnings ‘Up/Out’. I think of the shade as controlling the sunshine that comes through it, when the switch is ON, the shade is up and the sun, which is ON, shines through, and when the sun is OFF, the shade is down.

There is a nice SmartAPP (Shady Group) that allows one to create a shade group and control them as such. Search for that SmartApp and instructions to load, and it makes using the Z-Wave shades a snap!




Thank you for the response. Unfortunately in my device list there is no “Z-Wave Shade” for me to choose. I was however able to figure out how to publish a couple of the different device handlers that are in this thread and associate them with my individual shades. So I am closer than I was last night. (The Shady Group device handler you recommended did not work. I just got errors when testing it.)

So for now, the only real problem I have is that the MY presets do not seem to work.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be appreciated.


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That was a huge help…
I was able to install all my virtual nodes and controller but am getting no movement on my shades. verified remote was programmed successfully as it can control them (note, it was programmed before I added the vritual nodes to my ST Hub).
is there a step to be performed after adding each virtual node??