My Somfy-SmartThings Integration

Use a virtual switch with the ST channel.

I have the exact same issue… Open -> Opens Shades, Close -> goes to MY Preset and Preset -> Closes Shades… any suggestions/help would be great!

What worked for me was to go into app. Click on the blind. (e.g. “bottom blond”). Click on the gear icon on the top right. Change from “shade” to “blind” or vice versa. Hit done. Then do again to change back (assuming that’s what you have).

Seemed to reset it so that it worked as described.

That was it… I didn’t set the type through the APP. Once I set it to shades, it worked perfectly. Thank you!

Hi Eric,

I am using your DH to control my blinds. First of all, thank you very much for that. I am not sure what is the difference between blinds and shades. I have so called “transitional” blinds - they go up and down and have two layers of fabric. Which are they blinds or shades? Does it really matter. Currently I am using the default setting - which is Shades. The issue is with closing them down. I setup two CoRE pistons - one opens them at sunrise and another one closes them at sunset. The first one works just fine, but the close operation does NOT. Not sure why. I can see that the routine gets executed at sunset. The status changes to Closing, but the blinds/shades are not moving. Can you help? Thanks!

Does anyone know how to use Alexa to open and close blinds/shades that use this DH? Open/close words do not seem to work with Alexa…

changing the setting to blinds or shades adjusts the commands sent for open/close.

I suggest if you are having trouble with open/close working properly to try the other setting. Be sure to hit done when changing it to ensure the setting is applied.

We develop a nice kit to control somfy from Amazon Alexa.

Does anyone know if the sunsetter motorized retractable awning works with smartthings?

@cslee The sunsetter motorized retractable awning does not connect directly with ST. But you can purchase a Somfy ZRTSII which does connect directly with ST. Then you can pair the sunsetter motor (usng your Somfy button conrtoller) to the ZRTSII and control it through ST.

I used the following device handler: but there are others out there. Note: the device handler is designed for blinds/shades so you will see UP/CLOSED (closed being extended out for your awning) on the Things Tile. You can modify the handler if you choose.

You may wish to contact @ZebraBlinds in regards to purchasing a ZRTSII. I was able to get a lower price through him. Not sure if that offer is still available through him or not. @ZebraBlinds ROCKS!

Anyway, that is the way I connected my sunsetter to ST. There may be other alternatives available.

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@jkp, thanks for the tip. $300 is quite a steep price to pay for the integration. Perhaps hacking the remote might cheaper.
I’ll just buy the sunsetter and worry about the integration later.

Shoot @ZebraBlinds a private message. Bet he can get you a lower price. I definitely did not speed $300 for the somft zrtsii

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@jkp thanks for tagging me :grinning:, @cslee pmed.

@jkp Do you have a sunsetter motorized awning? I contacted sunsetter to check what model of somfy motor they use prior to ordering the awning. They dont know the details and directed me to contact somfy.

yes I do. but I have no idea what motor it is either. It has a somfy button controller such as the one shown earlier in this post.

@jkp In that case it doesn’t matter what model. As long as it works with smartthings with the ZRTSI-II bridge. Thanks,

This was working great for me, then today (June 21) it just stopped working. Tested ZRTSI device and the signals are sent from bridge to shades. However, clicking on icons in Smartthings does nothing (app indicates shades are opening/closing) but signals are not sent/nothing happens. Ideas on how to troubleshoot, please?

Check if your ZRTSI somehow fell off of the z-wave network.

Thanks— deleted and re-added to hub, and all seems good. Thanks for the help!

Hi Guys, so i just bought a ZRTSI device and successfully paired it up with ST and with all my somfy rolling blinds. Quick questions:

  1. in the ST app, as per the attached screenshot, the % bar is useless and simply confusing. How can I remove it?
  2. similarly also in the app, the “close” icon is currently performing as “My” (that is, it opens my curtain half way as i prefer it), but the “preset/stop” icon is currently performing as “Close”. Is there a way to fix this , or is there a way to just rename them ?
  3. i would like to schedule my blinds according to a routine on specific times of the day. I can do this to fully open or fully close the blinds, but how can i open the blinds to “My” preferred setting (which is half way) ? In routine, if I select “turn on these lights or switches” > select a blind > an additional option pops up called “set dimmers to this level”. But when I choose 50%, it doesnt go to “My” setting - it only opens the curtain by a crack (~20% open) which is weird. How can I solve this?

thanks guys!

PS: the github link to “somfy_shades.groovy” is down for some reason

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