My SmartApp is showing as Label on Smartthings App

When I deployed AWS Lambda smart apps in developer workspace, it is showing up as Label on the smartthings app. Even the Smart Lighting App is showing as Label.

When I clicked on Label (My SmartApp), it fails to install. But I am not receiving any invocation on Lambda function.

Anyone experience similar issue?

@nayelyz , is there any problem with installation of smart app?

Hi, @ph007!

I am seeing the same thing, so, it might be an issue in general. Did it start to happen to you after the AWS Lambda SmartApp?
I already had one deployed, so, it might be the same reason.

Edit: It might not be. I just unlisted it and see the same…I’ll report it to the engineering team.

I noticed this issue (label appearing) earlier this week when users were reporting device icon issues on the forum.

Those issues were on iOS only as well? That’s interesting. I didn’t have issues installing a SmartApp on Android earlier today, so, this one is only on iOS…

I do not know about the only part. it was also around the time Severe Weather was removed.

The ‘label’ issue started before the generic icon issue.

I seem to recall seeing “label” on Smartlighting and the Farm Bureau smartapps as long back as when the SLGA disappearing issues arose.

It does show Label even without Lambda Smartapp.

Even so, Smart Lighting can be installed. But my custom smartapp is not able to be installed at all. AWS Lambda is not receiving any calls at all for installation.

@nayelyz … any news for me?

Hi @ph007 , I’m Alejandro from the dev support team

We created a report about your problem, the corresponding team is working on it, unfortunately, we don’t have updates yet, sorry. As soon as they share their feedback with us, we will inform you.

@AlejandroPadilla , thank you for the response. Looking forward to the good news soon.

Hi @ph007

Can you try to reproduce the issue with the new version of the app?

@AlejandroPadilla … on the new app, smartapps name are showing correctly.

However, I am still unable to install custom smart app. When I attempt to install, it shows

After installation, it is showing setup not complete

It only happens on my old hub.

If I install the same custom smartapp on the new aeotec hub, it works correctly.

I noticed that custom smartapp does work on new account created regardless of the hub.

Is it possible that the older accounts are having issue with this?

Hi @ph007

The SmartApps aren’t installed on the hub, they run on the servers, for this reason maybe the problem is not the hub, Can you share the code of the smart app to check it? and What is the region where the Lambda is?

@AlejandroPadilla . My lambda is at ap-southeast-1.

Sure. I can share the code with you. How do I do that? via email?

@ph007 you can send us the information by email this is the address, also please check if SmartThings has the correct permission here is the process Provide permission to SmartThings

@AlejandroPadilla . I sent over the code to the email.

I also verified that my lambda has appropriate permission…