Lambda Smart App - installed instance of the App doesnt appear in "Automations" in the SmartThings iOS app, no way the end user to uninstall it!

Hi all,

This is my first post on here - so hello to everyone!! I hope I provide enough information for people to help me and that I make a useful contribution to this forum. If there is anything I can do to improve my posts, please do let me know.

I am learning how to create SmartApps using Lambda as the hosting platform. I got everything working well on the AWS side, and got my SmartApp setup to the point where I could see it in my Smarthings App on my phone and I could install an instance of it. I then tested it and it worked. Not bad for a first try!

But then I thought, ok let’s delete that instance and set up another one… except that instance of the app did not show up in my list of Automations in the SmartThings iOS app.

I am, however, able to see the Install of the SmartApp if I use the SmartThings REST API to list installed apps for my account. I am doing this using the smartthings/cli npm package and issuing the command “smartthings installedapps”. It returns a list and I can see it there, and I can see it is marked as “AUTHORIZED” and has a type “LAMBDA_SMART_APP”

Does anyone have any ideas on where it might not be appearing in my “Automations” screen in my iOS app? I want my end users to be able to see my app once they have installed this so it will be important for me to figure this

Thanks in advance for your help.


in the Automations section, try clicking on the + in the upper right of the screen, choose Add Routiine, then click on the Discover tab at the top. May or may not be what you are looking for. Most likely it is not :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. That’s how I find the SmartApp so that I can install it - and it does show there. The issue is that once I have installed it (and given it a unique name), it should show up in the Automations screen but does not. Unless perhaps this is because it is only in testing/development mode.


Do you mean you don’t have the developer mode active? Up to now, custom SmartApps are self-publish only so, to be able to interact with them correctly, you need to enable the “Developer Mode” in the SmartThings app.