My Silly Routine I Tried to Build in the SmartThings iOS App

I have a modest amount of switches/bulbs in ST
I want a routine I can run when I’m about to goto sleep & about to turn off the one thing that SHOULD still be ON, my nightstand bulb

I want to assure I didn’t leave anything on so I WANTED to
set a bunch of preconditions that concluded with a statement thru my bedroom sonos speaker like
“Everything looks off Go to sleep moron”

In writing this I thought well Doug, just set all of them off and you’re done.
I was just trying to have it check to assure all I wanted to be OFF were already off.

I’m new this is my second topic.

Having a lot of fun with my leave the bedroom routine that turns on what I want on (cofee maker has coffee ready, backyard lights for dog AM potty adventure etc. Similar stuff in PM I just wanted this last minute check routine

I’m not clear on what your exact requirements are. There are two types of ST Routines, Manually Run (formerly Scenes) and Automatically Run (event based). The Manually Run routines are designed for turning things on/off, setting Location mode, etc. It was clearer when they were called Scenes that you are setting a particular state for devices, mode, etc.

Automatically Run Routines are an event/trigger based automation. It goes something like “When this happens, execute these commands”. An event/trigger is something going from one state to another like switch on/off, contact sensor open/close, Location mode changes, etc. There are also preconditions, which you can think of like state checks. So, when an event occurs, like door sensor opens, you also have a precondition, say “Is Location Mode Away”, that is checking the state of Location Mode. So, if door sensor opens and Location Mode is Away, send a Notification that someone is entering the house when they shouldn’t be.

So, in your case, a Manually Run Routine won’t work because you can’t have preconditions in a Manually Run Routine. Now for an Automatically Run Routine, you would need a trigger event. If you had some physical device, like a button, you could trigger on a button press. If you don’t, you could create a virtual momentary button and then have a Routine that triggers on that:

If Light1 is off (precondition)
If Light 2 is off (precondition)
If Light 3 is off (precondition)
If Nightstand is on (precondition)
If Virtual Button is pressed
  Play message on speaker

To create a virtual momentary button, you can use an Edge driver like the vEdge Creator if you have a ST hub or you can create a cloud based virtual button using the ST Advanced Web App.


I’ve been meaning to learn about Virtual stuff in ST
Perfect reply thank you Bruce!