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Just to give the community a heads up, I have recently installed some zooZ switches in my home and I must admit they work very well. I have two types of installations, one 3 way and one single pole. The 3-way required some wiring reconfiguration in both outlet boxes but the instructions were clear enough to follow. A bonus of the 3 way switch is that you only need one, unlike other brands that require two. The single pole was very straight forward. These switches do not need another app (my previous switches required a manufactures linked app) and will sync right to Smartthings. Works with ActionTiles as well. One really good thing that impressed me was the range of the switch. My back garage (a separate building from the main house) is about 60 feet away from the house, and my Smartthings hub is actually in the front portion of the house making it a stretch with a few walls (maybe 90 feet in total) in between for Z-Wave. But no issue, I hooked up the switch and it was online immediately. One thing to note is the toggle on these switches stay centered, so they are momentary up and down. I actually kinda like it because now I know a “regular” switch from a smart switch just by looking at it. Anyway, just thought I would let you know my experience with these.


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Thanks for the info.

Zwave and Zigbee Devices should not require their own app, as they connect directly to the smartthings hub.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cloud to cloud connections generally will require their own app as well. :sunglasses:

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Thanks JDRoberts! Maybe the old ones were wifi or something (TP-Link) and that’s why it had it’s own app. My goal it to cut down on the “extra” apps, it gets a little much when you need so many apps to integrate everything.


Which Zooz models did you install, they have several.

I’ve installed about a dozen Zooz ZEN26 switches and ZEN27 dimmers. These models don’t (usually?) require any wiring changes for 3-way use. They also, as mentioned, don’t require replacing both switches in a 3-way.

They are larger than the Leviton smart switches I’ve got but I’ve successfully done two different 3-gang boxes with all three devices replaced by Zooz smart switches.

I’ve been cautioned by Zooz support to be aware of the wattage limits for the dimmers, especially in multi-gang boxes where you have to snap off the “ears”. I’m 100% LED lights so it hasn’t been an issue for me.

All that said, they’re great, economical devices and I’ll be buying more as I build out my home automation


Thanks for the shout out @Chad2! And for tagging us @JDRoberts, it’s always nice to read how you use Zooz devices in your smart homes :slight_smile:

It looks like Chad has the toggle switches (ZEN23 and ZEN24) which only come in one version for now where you need to rewire both switches in a 3-way.


Chiming in. I got some on prime day. One ended up having a slight humming sound.

I put in a support ticket. Support, within 24 hours, responded asking me one quick question - what I had the switch powering - and within 24 hours of that I had a brand new switch in the mail. I just received it today along with a return label. There was no arguing. No insinuating it was an operator or user error. Just a quick, hey we’re sorry about that we’re shipping you a brand new one.

New switch, like the others, is perfect and I’m shipping the old one back to them tomorrow!


Yep, its the ZEN 23, great switches! Still working perfect, no drop outs always online.