My modes, working well for months, are falling apart (March 2018)

I posted in another thread a couple days ago that one or two of my modes had gotten funky.

Now it’s all of them. I’ve done zero programming changes over the past few weeks, yet they are now all routinely failing. And of course it’s mucking up SHM as it goes.

I don’t expect the Samsung staff to address this. After all, they are busy rolling out their new awesome system!!

Are these the predefined modes like home, away, and Night, or custom modes that you have added.

Also, Smart Home Monitor uses its own armed states (named Home, armed Stay, and Armed Away)–are those also affected, or can’t you tell because of the Mode failures?

I have automations that only operate if ST is in a certain mode. Those routines change the state of SHM.

If the mode is not active, the automation cannot run. And therefore, for example:
My house is supposed to be in Home mode, and Disarmed, in the mornings. Until two conditions are met, one being a time of day and the other being a presence change.

But it’s somehow arming itself early, and kicking into Away-Day mode, well prior to either of those conditions being met. So when my wife leaves for the day, her unlocking the door is tripping SHM.

I’d like to blame it on my presence leaving, but this only started three days ago… my presence configuration was changed three weeks ago.

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