Main features/New features/What am i missing?

Hi everyone,

looking for advice on what else to integrate or maybe things coming down the pipe
i do have:

lights *pluggable kind"
the kind i replaced socket with
i have minimote
garage door opener
outdoor lights
nice schlage froot door
sonos - my favvvv
and i contributed to ivy kickstarter

what cool things and i missing?
what else is coming?
i really wanna make a showcase for smart home
warning about flooding is pretty cheap,maybe i can add one of those

does anoyone have any cool setups they used recommended non modified products to create something cool without a lot of time on hand?

any advice on where to plan next would be appreciated

You have to get the harmony hub with the remote or keyboard. Especially with the coming Smartthings integration.

which version? i was looking at it today, what are the capabilities

i also have jawbone, wish i had the scale they may integrate, and i may be forgetting something
i have 2 minimotes

is this one right?
Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple Remote 915-000194 Recertified

79.99 with free shipping, but i dont wanna get if its the wrong one, also what can u do with it

Let’s see…

You’ve hit most of the areas I’ve got… Outlets, Switches, Door lock.

What about Motion Sensors? I have a handful and while I’m not using them to the extent that some area, I do like them for a few key uses: When in Away mode they work as a poor mans security sensor. At night they light up my upstairs hallway at 10% dim level if anyone gets up to use the bathroom. And at Xmas time they turn on my tree if anyone is in the den.

Do you have open/close sensors on doors/windows? Again these are nice for a security standpoint. They’re also good for some uses with Automated Garage Door. My garage doors go up when we come home, then automatically go down when the side door opens and closes.

I just recently installed a couple of AEON micro controllers in my ceiling fans so I can turn the fan on/off remotely (I can’t adjust speed… just on/off ability.)

I’ve also been working to integrate my Ubi more and more into different smart apps. My favorite one that has the biggest WAF is my Goodnight Ubi app. When I say goodnight to ubi, it runs a ST SmartApp that checks all my windows an doors and reports, by name, if any are left open. It also will turn on some lights (like upstairs hallway, and kitchen) to make sure we can see to get upstairs, and it schedules other lights to turn off.

AEON mico controllers sounds interesting, where does it install? only for fans ?

i have pretty much everything else you mentioned

are there outdoor motion sensors?

i wish those zigbee/wifi controllers for your outdoor water spigget werent so insanely expensive.

does anyone have an alarm thing? i dont know if i need that if i have sonos, which can be programmed to say things with motion/etc.

also, with regards to harmony, i can already do lights/etc from smartphone or tablet… so what new can u do with keyboard /etc … is there new home entertainment stuff coming out?

No, in fact that’s not their original intention. It seems they were designed to turn a dumb switch into a smart switch. You wire the micro controller up inside the light switch box and then your standard dumb switch can toggle the micro controller or you can do it via the wireless network.

But obviously they can work as a relay for any 120 volt setup… like ceiling fans. And they are small enough that I was easily able to hide them inside the cone above the fan.

Yes, the AEON motion sensor is rated for use outdoors.

Ditto that! I back the PlantLink Kickstarter campaign for some of their sensors and the water controller, but the campaign sorta fell apart. They produced the sensors but gave up on the water controller offering a refund or additional links instead.

I’m backing the Eve Irrigation controller right now, but things aren’t looking great for it right now. Only 19 days to go and still not halfway to their goal: Eve Kickstarter

There are a couple of different sirens that you can get. Fortress makes one, I think. That’s the most compatible one to the best of my knowledge.

It can be difficult to tune this to avoid false triggers. There are different attempts but no one has a good workaround. My main issue has been harsh shadows when the sun goes behind or in front of a cloud. I have sensitivity turned all the way down and taped over parts of the lense and still get false triggers. And in this mode a small car won’t trigger it.

However, I’ve been able to adjust it pretty well under the front portico.

Somewhat off topic… but I’ve wondered about trying to rig up something when my outdoor lights that have a motion sensor built into them. I suppose it would be possible to put some kind of energy sensor on the line that would report when the motion sensor turned on the light. I don’t think I get too many false positives with these sensors (though honestly, I don’t know for sure… they might be going on every 15 minutes when I’m asleep, but at least when I’m awake and it’s dark out I don’t see these lights getting triggered all that much.

Like @chrisb, I use the Ubi quite a bit with my SmartThings setup. The Ubi project is in its infancy stage, but it shows potential. I use it to trigger events using my voice and also announce notifications from ST. My wife, in fact, uses Ubi all of the time in the kitchen while cooking for unit conversions, setting timers, etc.

im backing eve too! hehe cant wait

why even integrate your outdoor ligts with sensor into smart things? want other triggers?

There really isn’t a need… more of just a “I wonder if this would work?” sort of thing.