The smart home has failed - oops my bad

Alexa is getting stupider by the day. The integration with Hue no longer understands colors. “Alexa, turn the living room blue” used to work fine but now can’t. She now no longer even understands the words YES and NO. All my Alexa units now sound garbled.

The ‘replacement’ for Smartthings requires you be a serious programmer just to get the thing to turn off a light. That’s not smart.

And ST itself? I just got the email telling me it’s time to move to the new app. You know, the one that no longer allows me to have a presence sensor unlock my door for me. Because some a-wholes in some corporate suite can’t live with the notion that some of us are willing to take responsibility for that sort of wonderful thing.

Anyway, been awhile since I’ve been here. Hello to all.

The ability to control smart locks was added to the new V3 app in November 2019, so you can now use those pretty much the same way they were used in the classic app. :sunglasses:


As far as your echo devices, talk to Amazon support. I have always found them very helpful, and I have not noticed any new recent problems with ours, and we have many that get used all the time.

Thanks JD. that’s good news.

Restores my faith a little bit.

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Noticed an Echo with similar. Alexa Fast forward the TV 60 seconds. Alexa does it. Repeat 5 minutes later. TV does not support that! Punished her by renaming to Echo.

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