Just finish my first custom panel

I’m loving it don think the rest of the familyAppreciate it though!
image image


That looks very good! What tablet and enclosure/surround did you use?

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Just got a 10” Huawei tablet as for the mount it’s just a diy job I just cnc cut some acrylic for the faceplate and back plates at work. Mounted on magnets so I can remove it


Nice ! Great job

Looks really professional nice work!
For your comments about the family, i just call it ‘introducing things into general population’ slowly haha they get used it when something new appears and then they find it useful but probably wouldnt have agreed to it in the first place.

Looks great! Glad to hear that you are enjoying SharpTools.io!


That looks real nice, great work :+1:

This is awesome, great job. Is it hard wired for power? or what kind of battery life are you getting? This has always been what Im torn about – I dont want to go doing electrical, but at the same time I know if it is battery, it will be dead on the wall all week long.

Hi all glad you like it and yes Sharptools is great is given me the look and functionality iwanted.
As for power yes it’s fully powered I didn’t want the screen proud of the plaster so I cut a hole in the wall large enough to sink the tablet in so running a power cable was easy enough for me.

ps: as the the family not liking the idea I can’t get my son of it for using Sonos so that a sign of approval!