My end point suddenly stopped working


(Bobfrankston) #1

When I reference[guid] with credentials all I get back is “[]” - why would it suddenly stop working after working fine for the last year and untouched since February? I’ll don’t have time for debugging for a few days so wanted to know if anything had change or a reason it would break?


Same problem here. The 1st error occured at midnight but the app started working again after that until 9AM this morning. I tried to restart it and I checked the “List Events” for the app and see following error message

“Exception occurred: java.lang.SecurityException: Endpoint myurl is Blacklisted”

seven minutes later the app ran normally again

In case you are wondering which line raises the error


Same command has been running (bi)-hourly for almost 10 days.

(Bobfrankston) #3

Turns out my authorization had expired so I went to to reauthorize. SmartThings needs something that simple but also it would help to have an error message. Fortunately when I had time I could find the breadcrumbs I left to solve it and now added some more so I can see the solution far more quickly.

(aaronpk) #4

This just happened to me too. I try to reinstall the app from the IDE, and it gives me back the same access token I was using before, so I’m still unable to access my app!

(aaronpk) #5

I was able to solve this by generating a new client ID and secret for my app, then uninstalling and reinstalling it. It appears that just trying to reinstall it generates the same expired access token as before.

(Mike Williamson) #6

Is gone? The IOTDB.bridge doesn’t work anymore and the web site looks like it was taken over by a wireless company. Or is it just me?

I used IOTDB.bridge to send mqtt updates to ThingSpeak from Smartthings.

Any suggestions for another Smartthings-to-MQTT would be appreciated.