API endpoint deprecated for temperature sensor


I have a raspberry pi with a DHT22 temperature sensor on it. And I had it connect to

endpoints_url = “” % (client, access_token)

But I understand this has now been deprecated. Does anyone know the updated site and/or method to connect this device now?

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Hello @skiwithpete, Could you please provide me with more information/context? How are you integrating your device with SmartThings? Thanks

@Ivan_Luis_Falleau Below is the code I had been using, as you can see, since 2021.
When I plugged the device in and ran it again, I get error 410.

#version 6 - 2021.12.24
#crontab -e
#*/5 * * * * python3 /home/pi/

import sys
import math
import glob
import re
from io import BytesIO
import json
import pprint
import requests
import time
from datetime import datetime
import subprocess
import Adafruit_DHT


#client id and client secret
client = 'removed for privacy'
access_token='removed for privacy'

niters = 16
interval = 10

now =
run_time = time.time()
start_time = now.strftime("%H:%M:%S")
print("Start Time =", start_time)

def main():
    old_temp = -999999999.99
    endpoints_url = "" % (client,>
    r = requests.get(endpoints_url)
    if (r.status_code != 200):
       print("Error: " + str(r.status_code))
       theendpoints = json.loads( r.text )
       for counter in range(niters, 0, -1):
          humidity, temperature = Adafruit_DHT.read_retry(DHT_SENSOR, DHT_PIN)
          temp_c = float("{0:0.1f}".format(temperature))
          temp_f = float("{:.2f}".format(temp_c * 9.0 / 5.0 + 32.0))
          print (temp_c,temp_f)
          for endp in theendpoints:
             uri = endp['uri']
             temp_url = uri + ("/update/%.2f/F" % temp_f)
             headers = { 'Authorization' : 'Bearer ' + access_token }
             if ( round(temp_f, 2) != round(old_temp, 2) ):
                r = requests.put(temp_url, headers=headers)
          old_temp = temp_f
          print ("looping")

end_time = time.strftime("%H:%M:%S")
print("--- %s seconds ---" % (time.time() - run_time))
print ("exit")

When I researched it, it seems graph.api.smartthings was deprecated.
Hence the question.

Hello @skiwithpete, Thanks for the shared data. I was checking and definitely is deprecated, now you have the new API which you can take a look at and try from there.
Also, I noticed that you are using SmartApps. So, you may take a look at this page too.
Hope this may be helpful to you