My Belkin Bulb no longer working correctly after Dec 2016 update

So I have a belkin wemo bulb in porch.

It is set to go on when motion detected in the porch 30mins before sunset & 30 mins after sunrise. Im using a smartthings motion sensor to detect movement.

Since the last update to my hub, it no longer switches the bulb on automatically. I have also removed it from my devices and then added it again and then associated it with the turn on light when motion sensored smartapp.

The samsung smartthings motion sensor is correctly detecting movement every time - and displays MOTION in the iPhone app.

Why is this no longer working & why is it that it feels that every time you make an update to the smarthub that things stop working as they should? I am quickly losing faith in the Samsung home automation solution - particularly when my wife says things like “it never works properly”. It so feels like Im in a beta program…

Also, my sons key detector - another Samsung smartthings sensor is incorrectly detecting that the sensor is present when it is not. I’m getting really frustrated how much manual effort is required with “home automation”…

Both of these problems are being reported by other people after the most recent update. :disappointed_relieved:

Definitely open a support ticket (click support at the top right of this page).

Anyone have an idea why the Firmware Update thread is closed and removed from the list without a note? Seems many people are having problems and not getting any updates. Ignoring it isn’t making it go away.

I submitted a ticket and have received zero response beyond the automated…

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