My Android home away home away home away help

I use my Galaxy S5 as my presence sensor. it works fine while I am away, but when i get home it says that i have left then i have arrived over and over. This has been going on for a while but it seems to be getting worse.

What type of location mode do you have set up in your phone?

I know the last few phones I’ve had have given me: “Device Sensors Only (GPS Only),” “Battery Saving (Networks Only),” and then “High accuracy (GPS and networks)”

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High accuracy is what I have

Ah. I was thinking you may have been on something else.

At home, does your phone switch back and forth between mobile and WiFi at all? During a transition, I know it can lose the GPS accuracy and cause problems.

My android presence is only reliable with ST when using battery saver mode.

High accuracy is least accurate for ST. I just leave my phone on battery saver mode unless I need to use GPS then I switch it to high accuracy temporarily

If you like to tinker, you can use SharpTools + Tasker to create a custom presence device that is much more reliable:

The benefit of this approach is you can decide how you want presence determined – eg. by Geofence, WIFI connectivity, proximity to cell towers, etc. Some users even use the virtual presence device and then manually mark themselves as arrived and departed using NFC tags (or widgets).