My 2nd DTH - Particle WiFi Sump Pump water level monitor

(Jeff) #1

ok, this is my second DTH for ST and i’m still not a programmer. the code is still bad but it works!

I used a Freescale MPXV5010DP differential pressure sensor and a Particle Core.
Again I would like to figure out how to get the particle cloud to “push” data to ST but so far I cant even figure out how to create (or at least find the url) of a rest endpoint in a ST DTH for now it only updates by manually hitting refresh.
If i can figure out how to get data to “push” to ST it would of course be much more useful!

I used some tubing and a coper tube for the sensor. the plan is to set a “mount height” in the DTH settings for how high above the bottom of the tank i mount the tube in the sump basin.


Particle Code:

Water sensor for sump pump
(Stuart Buchanan) #2

To push data to ST you will need to create a smartapp to create a mapping endpoint

Then you can call that mapping endpoint from the particle cloud

(Jeff) #3

thanks! ill give that a try! I was hoping it could be done just from a device type (for simplicity) but if I need a smart app I guess I’ll have to make one!