Arduino to ST via ethernet/url instead of shield

(Kevin) #1

I already have an arduino and ethernet shield. I want to have ST show status of my sump pump. Can I do this without the official ST shield?

Something like having the arduino post to a web URL like: http://SThubip/sumppump/status=on|off

Also is there a way to create a small graph or keep track of data? It would be useful to know if the sump pump ‘duty cycle’ is unusual (100% or 0%) so being able to look at data by hour would help.

I don’t have ST yet but about ready to buy one. Want to make sure I can make it do what I want before I spend the money :smile:

Also plan to use arduino to keep track of garage doors and then turn on a light in bedroom if garage door is open.


(Joe) #2

@kevin for your graph question you can use ThingSpeak = Graphing from Smartsense Multi florianz made an app that will export the sensor’s readings to a graph. I use it for temperature and power readings on several of my sensors.

I have yet to try to use the Arduino without the ST-Shield.

(Andrew Urman) #3

You know I’ve never actually seen it done, but there really isn’t a reason it couldn’t be. If you can accept and form HTTP messages with the proper headers and json messages then you can send back and forth. You would have to know the IP address of the hub and more importantly the Arduino. Or support SSDP or UDP for discovery.