My 1st DTH - Particle WiFi Water Valve

This is my first DTH and my first thing made for ST.
I’ll start by saying I am not a programer so the code I’m sure is rough.
I would like to figure out how to get the particle cloud to “push” data to ST but so far I cant even figure out how to create (or at least find the url) of a rest endpoint in a ST DTH, so for now I just have ST delaying then automatically refreshing the device instead of waiting for an update to be “pushed” from the device.

I used a power supply from an external hd to provide 5v to the Particle Photon and 12v to the valve

The ST code:

The Particle code:

now I just have to seal it all up in a project box and install it.

I figured out how to have two way communication with particle using variables and get statements. You can take a look here

You could set up a polling app to refresh every so many minutes.

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this DTH has two way communication working (opens and closes the valve & gets current valve state) I would just prefer (especially for my other two projects) to have the communication be initiated on the particle end not the st end then no polling necessary.

I did see that project and am just waiting on my shaft coupler to play with blinds!

I think this is what you are looking for.

This should provide the ability to post a json to smartthings.