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I’m trying to get a system up and running for my person use that monitors swimming pool water chemistry and feeds the data to Smartthings.

I’ve got an Uno Wifi Rev 2 set up and connecting to my wifi.

I have an Atlas Scientific Tentacle shield with a PH, ORP and TEMP sensors/probes communicating fine using i2c with the Uno.

What I’m having great difficulty with is getting it to send the data to Smartthings (from which I can send it to Grovestreams, as I do many other streams).

I tried working with ST-Anything, but it’s just over my head.

So, anyone interested in earning a few bucks and getting this working for me?

Thank you!


No reply.

Something I said?

LOL, probably not. Your use case is a bit challenging primarily because of the devices involved, and the likelihood of someone else in a similar scenario, or having similar devices to develop with. Doing development for something like, and not having the actual devices to test with, are probably why you’re not getting replies.

I suppose it could be done remotely, but that takes a ton of time, and again, without the devices to test with, there will be a lot of back and forth communications between you and the developer to test all the iterations of code while testing and debugging. You could send the devices to the developer, but when it come time to provide support for issues you will run into, the developer won’t have them anymore to replicate what issues you may have.

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Thanks, John.

I’ve gotten the system working with Grovestreams, which is very nice, but I would have much preferred the data passing through ST first.

If my very rudimentary understanding of ST_Anything is correct, the basic/first hurdle is the lack of a library (.cpp & .h files?) for the Tentacle shield which would identify the HW connectivity details and data to be exchange.

Yes, I know, very rudimentary.

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