Mute phone calls with smartthings problem

I use smartthings on my s21+ regularly. I have a Samsung tv and soundbar on the app. A popup from smartthings showed up asking if I wanted to mute tv etc when a phone call is being received or made. I said yes and there was an option for the tv and soundbar. I clicked on both and by mistake deselected the soundbar. I want to change the option so the tv and soundbar mutes, as they play together via samsung symphony. Where can I find the setting for that? I have checked in the app and no help under settings. I uninstalled the app and re-installed, with the hope that it would forget my option, but it still just gives option to mute for tv when a call comes in or being made…

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Hey there! @Diederik_Kuhn, Welcome to the Community! This is interesting as I’m only aware of the Easy Mute feature for Samsung Mobile Devices and Tablets located in the Advance Features Menu of your Settings that allows for you to easily mute audio when an incoming call is received.

You mentioned that you tried reinstalling but have you cleared the Data of your Smart Things Application? This will cause you to have to re-configure items you’ve already set up which can be frustrating, but I’m assuming the option for that popup may return for selection. What’s the model of the TV and Soundbar and the Region that you are located in? It may be a new region-specific feature that I’m not aware of at this time.

I hope this message finds you well!


Sounds like a smartthings companion app

Thanks, That is it. My smartthings app updated last night and I have the same screen when going into settings. It didn’t look like that previously.