How to mute Sonos when my phone rings

seems to be a simple, basic task but I can’t find or figure out.
I have many smart devices, Smartthings, Google, Alexa etc. I would like my Sonos playbar to mute when my phone rings (Android). Preferably do that through Stringify so I can set it to only be active in certain hours and only when I’m in the office.
At the moment I have to say “Alexa mute Sonos” but Amazon Echo Spot is useless, sometimes the caller give up before Alexa do what I ask her to do. Google Home Hub is way better but doesn’t support Sonos yet.
Thanks in advance for any help.

What kind of phone is this for?

Sorry, I didn’t know it matters, it’s just an Android phone. I currently use Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Huawei P20 Pro.

Ifttt has the ability to trigger based on answering a phone call, which might work for you