Muse: The brain sensing headband

Anyone else out there get one of these things?

I backed it when it was on Indiegogo and so I paid a lot less. It seems pretty sensitive though I am sure it is mostly about the change in brain activity from one state to another as well as the level of change. I have played with it for all of about 4 minutes before I went in search of the SDK. And here it is:

I am imagining turning my lights off with my mind.

Out of my price range.

I imagined it would be neat to control a device with your heartbeat with one of Android Wear watches. Should be possible with some practice.

@ben I have both Emotivs and the now defunct OCZ NIA. Not the first EEG out there. If you’re really interested in this, I suggest checking out the Emotiv EPOC+. I do have it / myself tuned enough to do some casual macros on my desktop, so apparently I can really control my house with my mind (I usually just use it for making screenshots…)

By the way, I also used to casually code/game while wearing a – which is just a headset that puts a low amount of current through your brain at various intervals. I found that it helped me train on the EPOC a little better. Good times.

I’d wear that around the office just to freak the IT Department out…