Multizone heating radiators + wet underfloor


I spent a lot of time trying to get through all the posts about heating system and still no idea how to approach it. I am new to smartthings and was hoping to play with it before buying anything but i am about to move house and my hub is not even connected yet. First thing i am doing in this house is underfloor heating and would like to know what system to choose. So upstairs i will have 3 radiators, downstairs 3 zone wet underfloor heating. All operated using multifunction gas boiler (no hot water storage). I want to get a system that would connect to ST and let me control all the zones based on temperature in each room and time schedule plus enable remotely, hopefully by gps in my phone too but not 100% needed. Is there a way to add some controller to the boiler to switch on when needed, then connect 3 smart trv’s to radiators and some controller to manifold and control via smartthings? Or do i have to ho expensive route and but complete system? I am based in UK and I am not a developer but i have built few apps in html5 and pascal, wrote some scripts in my life so can do a bit of tinkering. Any help would be hugely appreciated as i do not want to pick wrong system and need to make a decision before the crew comes to install the underfloor system.

It sounds like upstairs is a single ‘zone’ but with 3 radiators and this might imply three rooms upstairs to control individually. Downstairs it sounds like you have underfloor heating throughout and this is in to three zones. Therefore you seem to have a total of four zones.

Tado supports both underfloor heating control and smart thermostatic radiator valves. For upstairs you would probably need 1 x Tado Smart Thermostat and 3 x Tado smart radiator valves. For downstairs you would need 3 x Tado Smart Thermostat.


The above article is specific to ‘wet’ underfloor heating. See the following for electric underfloor heating.

Based on the above it seems a Tado Extension module would not be compulsory but is recommended.

Even though the Tado Extension module would add the ability to control hot water from your boiler this is not compulsory to use.

Tado is available in the UK and can be linked to Smartthings via a community app. Tado does also have geocontrol i.e. presence. Tado can be used with both combo and traditional boilers.

I would suggest contacting Tado to double check. If possible have all the brand/model details to hand.

You may want to consult my answer to this thread.

I also offer few zoning smartapps at my store to be able to leverage your eTRVs under the SmartThings platform.


Oh, i see, so i can use any thermostat and connect it to underfloor heating. Wasn’t sure it must be a certain type. Just checked Tado and looks great but overall cost makes me thinking of reducing a scope a little or get it in stages. Anyone has any experience with cheaper alternatives?