Garage door monitoring without opening


I am looking for a way to check the status of my garage door without giving any permissions to open and close it. Dont want to risk misfires opening up the garage .

I have a myq enabled garage door opener. Is there anyway to use this but with read only permissions?

alternatively, a multisensor may fit the bill but it gets cold here and I dont think the battery would be happy in the garage.

i have standalone Go control motion senors mounted on my garage door for over a year with no issues in North east winters .

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The ST Multisensor (zigbee) on the garage door, was the first, most useful, and best application on my ST system. That sensor has no problem in winter since appx Oct2014, its battery now reads 38%. This is in Maryland and we see about 15F-100F.

I use the ecolink tilt sensors for the last two years. Never failed a correct reading, and no battery changes yet!!

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That tilt sensor looks perfect!

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After doing some more research I think I will go with the NYCE tilt sensor as it uses zigbee rather than z wave

research the tilt sensor more. although it maybe zigbee; confirm it works with ST before buying. not all zigbee can work with ST. I am an unsure the answer; but would think it would not work. (and I believe the ones made for iris NYCE ones are a bag of headaches).

I am doing just this. I use the SmartThings multi sensor on the door. No need to put the ‘magnet’ side of it, just the sensor itself. It knows orientation/tilt/motion. It also does temp which is cool. Battery life so far, well I’m on the battery it came with and I’m at 8 months or so with it. It got down to like the teen’s outside here, inside the garage I have it alerting for below 42 which it did a few times. Battery has been fine.

I get a push notification everytime the garage door is opened or closed. It also works in the smart home monitor as a ‘door’. Im not sure of the magic, but I named it garage door so not sure if that had anything to do with it or what. But it seems to ‘just work’. Its not the cheapest but its one of the sensors I have had the fewest issues with. Every now and then, like 4 times since I installed it, ive had to hit refresh a few times or smack it to get it to realize it was ‘closed’. It knows vertical orientation vrs horizontal for what is closed v open.

Ive seen some of that too. Unfortunately a lot of the info out there is pretty old havent seen much talk about it recently.

All I can say is both companies say they are compatible with eachother

Yeah changing it to garage mode tells it to use its tilt sensor instead of the magnet - I was playing with it a bit yesterday, only complaint I have with it is that it needs to be totally horizontal to report open. I might shim it at an angle if I use it so that it will report if it is a bit open.