Multiple socket z-wave outlet where the different outlets can be controlled separately?

I have a small dog house that I use a small 100 watt heater to heat it, and a larger space heater when it gets really cold out. Both heater have a generic hotter/colder dial on it so it is hard to control the temp. I currently have the larger heater turn on if the smaller one cant keep up. I want to place a z-wave temperature sensor in the dog house and have one z-wave “power strip” where I can turn on the individual outlets. This way I can have one temperature set for the small heater say 40 degrees and the large heater set at 35 degrees.

I know that I can do this if I get 2 separate z-wave outlets but I was hoping for one device to keep the wire clutter down to a minimum.

There aren’t many devices to do this, but there are a couple that allow for separate control. However, I’m concerned about the total draw as they really are not intended for heaters of the type you’re describing.

Can you tell us a little more about the heaters, specifically the amp requirements?

I have a couple of the Inovelli 2 channel switches. They work great and paired with no hassle. Each outlet is rated at 10 amps and the switch is rated at 16 amps total. Only complaint I have is that, while I can name each channel separately using the IDE, the names still just show Channel 1 and Channel 2 in the ST app.