Multiple Smartthings locations each with their own echo dot?

Here is my situation. I have a ST hub and devices at my house, and my father also has a ST hub and devices at his house. We also both have Echo Dots installed. We each had our individual systems working fine with my Dot working with my ST hub and his Dot working with his ST hub. My father added me as a user on his ST, which is on a separate account. When I accepted, suddenly my echo Dot no longer works with my stuff, but I can turn on his lights and other devices by talking to my Echo Dot which is physically 50 miles away. I have tried many things to get around this with no real solution.

I have a sub-standard solution, but is not acceptable as far as I am concerned. What I would up doing is creating a new e-mail account and a new ST user account under that e-mail and my father added that one as a user. But doing this means that if I want to access my system on my phone I have to be logged into that one and the to go to my father’s I have to log out and then log in using the newly created e-mail. This means a lot of logging out and logging in instead of just being able to switch locations in the ST app pull-down menu.

Has anyone actually come up with a solution that works? I have read everything I can about this and it seems nobody has a solution.

If by “access” you mostly just need to view and control Things, run Routines, change Mode or SHM, but not often add/remove devices and SmartApps or receive push notifications from the alternate Location, then…

I’ll point out a proud feature of ActionTiles is the ability to mix and match any number of Locations on any number of Panels under any number of logins (ActionTiles Accounts).

Yep. Mostly view/change status of devices and change modes (armed, home) would probably do it for me.

I will definitely give action tiles a try.

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Just looked at Action Tiles. I’m not willing to pay $48 for it. Especially when what I’m asking for should be possible within the ST app.

I believe I have found a solution, but can’t verify for sure until the next time I am at my father’s house. Here is what I have now.

Location 1 (my house)
ST with devices set up
Echo Dot on amazon account Amazon-1
ST hub associated with email-1

Location 2 (Dad’s house)
ST with devices set up
Echo Dot on amazon account Amazon-2
ST hub associated with email-2

I set up a third e-mail account (email-3)

From ST app logged on using email-1, invite email-3 as a user
From ST app logged on using email-2, invite email-3 as a user
Finally log into ST app using email-3.

Doing the above I can see both ST locations, access them using the pull-down, and my Echo Dot controls only my devices.

I think it works because I can control my devices with my echo dot. Before, whenever I tried to control my devices the ones at my father;s house would be the ones controlled. this was true no matter what I did. The real test will be tomorrow to see if my father’s echo dot still controls his devices. Nobody is there right now so cant test it tonight


I did not say the Action Tiles had any control of the ST app. Just that I am unwilling to pay the Action Tiles ripoff pricing that they have to do the one thing I want to do. Landscape may be worth $24 per hub to you but not me. In addition you don’t really get an app, but a web based solution which means if they decide to close their doors you have absolutely nothing.

“ripoff” is a little strong IMO. SmartTiles has been an evolving, high-quality, practically-free dashboard to ST for 2+ years. The newest version has an actual pricetag.

They are NOT a SmartThings company that created the issue you are having.

But good luck - please post followup on your workaround.


Everyone should stop saying that I even implied that Action Tiles was responsible for the problem I am having. I never said it. My problem lies in the ST app itself as I originally stated.

I also was not the one that brought up action tiles in the first place. I gave my opinion of what I read about action tiles and it is MY opinion. I feel it is extremely overpriced and will not change that opinion. Maybe ripoff is a little strong, but my opinion is that it is exorbitantly priced for what I would need from it. If you feel otherwise, then that is your opinion, which you are fully entitled to, but it is not mine.

One thing that people may not realize is that my previous response was to a post that has since been deleted by its author for whatever reason

I genuinely and gently offered ActionTiles in my “helpful” Capacity (I’ve been on the Forum for 4 years, with a fraction of my posts being related to the product); as a potential solution to your problem.

It was not a hard sell, and I was not offended that you decided it wasn’t the right fit for you.

I was, offended, however, that you called it a “ripoff”. That’s not just expressing an opinion. Perhaps I should just have thick skin, but I’m sure you know that is a loaded word. You are inferring that I, a fellow Community Member, am trying to “rip people off” with some sort of scam.

In my opinion, that’s not polite, collaborative, appropriate behavior for this Community.

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I have already stated in my last post that “ripoff” may have been a bit strong, but I see nothing impolite about expressing my opinion. If we get technical about it, “ripoff” means:

“A ripoff (or rip-off) is a bad financial transaction. Usually it refers to an incident in which a person is overcharged for something, or receives goods or services not of the standard expected for the price. A ripoff is usually distinguished from a scam in that a scam involves wrongdoing such as fraud; a ripoff may be considered excessive, but not illegal.”

So, to set the record straight, I don’t think Action Tiles is a fraud, or scam at all. My reference to “ripoff” was only to say that it is not a good value (in my opinion), and is grossly overpriced (in my opinion). That is all.

I do stand by the opinion that Action Tiles is very overpriced and that the per hub pricing is unjust. This is my opinion whether others like it or not. I don’t see that as impolite but as being frank about my opinion. If someone asked me face-to-face what I thought of it I would tell them the same thing I have said here. So why is telling it here in this forum any different?

As far as being collaborative, I posted my idea for a solution for others to try, so I’m not sure how I am not being collaborative.

In regard to appropriate behavior for this forum, I don’t see where I have done anything inappropriate by expressing my opinion unless that in itself is considered inappropriate.

Words matter. Tactfulness matters… Especially in a public forum.

But thanks for the explanation, definition, firm standing and other excessive excuses that would have been entirely unnecessary had you been a tad more polite to someone who was trying to help.

That’s what Community is about.

But thanks for posting the clarification.

Genuinely… Best of luck with your configuration.

Frankly, this would have ended with my post that I was simply unwilling to pay for Action Tiles. Every one of my posts subsequent to that one was in response to replies placed in this thread by others.