Mobile presence between locations

Hey all! Happy New Year first of all…

I constantly roam between 2 ST locations, which are separated by no more than 300 meters (sorry, not good with miles yet).

One of the locations, home, is a 6th floor apartment in which I use IFTTT and a virtual switch to check in/out of… The other place is the office, a shop at street level next to a cinema I am fortunate to go to regularly, when not working, obviously…

Both locations have a hub. Home has a v2, office a v1.

The thing is, if my last used location in the ST app was home and I go to the office, home sees me leaving, but the office doesn’t see me arrive. If my last location in the app was office, then everything works.

I now use, or would like to use st to start a heater at the office (as a first step) only if I go to work.

If I arrive at the office, and remember to turn the ST app to the office location, sometimes it’ll react, but most it won’t… and I more often than not forget to change the app…

What would you guys do in my situation?

Oh and… what about if I go to the cinema that’s next to the office? I don’t want the heater to turn on then!

I finally got the time to check this out… I found the way to add the different locations… lol! Next… how do I link them and say… if I leave X location, turn the heat up on Y location?

Is this it?

What device is “Robin”?

Guessing it is his mobile phone that was added as a webCore Presence Sensor as part of WebCoRE Presence / Location setup.

uh oh… there’s a setup?

There is :slight_smile:


Think I have it… Does this look good?

I know… Not that I’m sharing my home address in that snapshot… lol!


ugh… didn’t work… For some obscure reason I went from point A (Albedix) to home, a 15 minute car ride, and the thermostat stayed in a mere 13ºC, which is the temp I have it set to when “Away”…

Thoughts? Ideas?

On a side note… I have setup 3 locations… but one of them I want the geofences to be EVEN smaller… but no matter how small I make them, they reset (at least the outer one) to a HUGE radius… for what I need at least… Any way I can make it fit my needs?