Multiple Geo Fences?

Has anyone had any luck creating multiple geo fences beyond just your main location?

My particular use-case:
I’d like to start heating the house when I pull into the train station after work 2 miles from my house, not when I get home.

I figure I could use IFTTT for the fence and CoRE for the brains, but wondering if there is a more native way.

If I remember correctly, you are an iOS user, correct?

Unfortunately, this is a bit easier for Android (using SharpTools, Tasker, and AutoLocation).

IFTTT with a virtual switch should work just fine since this isn’t something that is critically time sensitive (meaning if it fires with a 5-10 second delay due to IFTTT, that won’t make or break your automation).

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The a look at IFTTT. I’m not sure about iOS, but there is an android channel that works with location. When your phone arrives somewhere IFTTT can trigger a switch in ST, which can run your automation.

Thanks guys. I’m on iOS. I created an IFTTT recipe using a virtual momentary switch. Using CoRE to do all of the logic.

Going to test it out today!

Going further, how does this extend to my wife? I don’t believe you can hook up two IFTTT accounts to one ST. Is Life360 the answer?