Geofence for thermostat?

Looking to get a new thermostat to work with SmartThings, but one feature that I think is missing is a different geofence for the thermostat. I would like the air to come on when I leave work and be ready when I get home, not come on once I arrive home because that is too late. When I arrive home, it could be 4PM or 6PM so I would not like to have a set schedule.

I think I could work something out with another location… but not sure how I would control my themostat at home if I setup a work location.

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thats crazy! i was just thinking about that same thing when i was driving home from work today…
i know that doesn’t help any i just thought it was funny

only problem with that idea…is what if you leave work to go to lunch or go somewhere else and you happen to barely go into the geofence area that makes your thermostat think you’re home?

You can try and use IFTTT and use the iOS or Android geofencing to perform ST actions, but I don’t think that works yet. Just a thought.

Thought of that but I would rather not have to create a virtual device that’s a switch. If smartthings made scenes available in ifttt I’d be set

It would be nice for ST to support multiple geofences in the app. I tried creating a new “Work” location, but you cant have actions work across locations :frowning:


Consider this another vote for additional geofences. I love the idea of a work one as well.

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One possibly quick way to accomplish could be if ST allowed thermostat control as an option to control through their IFTTT channel (similar to what Nest just did) so we could say something like "IF exiting exiting geofence area THEN set thermostat to "

How is there STILL no way to add additional geo-fences? I thought this would have to be a feature by now. I want to be able to have a way to say “Once I’m getting close to home, turn on the AC now”.

Obviously there would have to be some complexity with the rule to make sure I’m really on my way home, and if after a certain period of time, I’m not home, then switch back to Away.

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In settings of the smart things app set your perimeter to a larger diameter and see if
that helps but I don’t have a compatible smartthings thermostat…yet…I have a nest

I think your best bet is a nest thermostat used with life 360 and ifttt… In life 360 you can set the geofence perimeter of your home location to a larger diameter
If last family member leaves home-life 360 then set thermostat to xx
If first family member arrives home-life 360 then set temp to 74

I do the same thing for my florescent lights with wemo switches because I hate taking the time to replace them :slight_smile:

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