Multiple false switch notifications

Starting about a week ago I’m getting false “on” and “off” notifications on multiple switches. This is happening for switches connected to two different hubs in two different homes. I’ve done the usual-deleted the smartapps, excluded the devices, etc. Support told me it could be shorts, brownouts, etc. Really- 2 different hubs at the same time? I don’t think so. Anybody else?

Not really sure what you meant by false on and off switch notifications. Little more details on the switch such as brand model and what kind of notification?

The switches are Aeon Smart Switch 6 Gen 5. For each of the switches I added a smartapp notification to let me know when the switch (light) goes on or off based on scheduled on and off times. I’ve been getting notifications-text messages-that the switch is on and then off, when in reality nothing has taken place. Hope this helps.

I would look at the device events and see what caused it. There’s also the new device health that’s been causing a bit of issue for some. You can turn it off in the ST Apps. Worth a shot to turn it off to isolate the issue unless the device event pointed to something else.

Thanks Ray- I actually turned off device health last week because another device was showing as “unavailable”. Turning it off fixed it.

Whoops- I had device health turned off in one of the two hubs. I just turned it off in the second one and will see what happens. Thank you!

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