Multiple Devices and Alexa

My application is to bark out a simple on or off command to Alexa for controlling multiple ST devices (lights in my basement). To achieve this, I created a virtual switch labeled Dungeon. I then created a routine in Smart Lighting where the Devices to control include the individual lights and the Device status is the virtual switch.

The result works as desired but since this is my first use of anything virtual, combined with my first install of any Edge driver (TAustin vEdge Creator V2.94), I am curious for the opinions of those with far greater experience of whether I applied good logic to achieve this result.

My initial effort was to create a group, which worked fine within ST but apparently Groups do not present to Alexa. Additionally, I did not see a way to create a group without using the web interface. Are groups being deprecated?

Many thanks in advance.

First, using virtual device(s) with your smart home integration will change your life.

As for lighting groups, I create my device Group(s), lighting and otherwise, in Alexa. I don’t use lighting groups in SmartThings that much since they require physical interaction compared to the Alexa voice command(s). Although, Bixby (Samsung’s Voice Assistant) can use the SmartThings created lighting Groups, but my use of Bixby on my mobile devices is lame, and Bixby on my Samsung HDTV is the worst consumer joke around.


While I do have many automations using virtual devices, for lighting groups I tend to use Alexa groups as well.
Create a dungeon group with all of your dungeon lights and include the Dungon Alexa device. Next, in Alexa, make sure each switch or bulb is categorized as a “Light” in Alexa app. Now, when you are in that room, all you have to say is “Alexa, turn on the lights” and she will do it only for that room.


Groups in SmartThings have never seemed to be of any use.

It may not cover all your needs but I use the “things formerly called scenes” in SmartThings a fair amount. No extra devices or groups needed and they’re automatically picked up by Alexa.

Just tell her “Alexa activate {scene name}”.


All of these are good ways to accomplish turning on/off a group of lights. Personally, I rather favor the method you tried with a virtual switch. If something “breaks” on the Alexa end, you can easily recreate it with only one device (the virtual switch). You might also find other uses for the virtual switch: say, if you forget to turn off the dungeon lights and were to have a “Goodnight!” routine you run when you go to bed. The “Goodnight” routine needs only to turn off one virtual switch and the dungeon goes dark.

Now, that might startle whoever you have strapped to the Saint Andrew’s Cross down there, but that’s for another discussion… :smile:

:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: :joy: LOL

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