Groups for Alexa commands and triggers

I am using a Virtual switch and grouping multiple lights. This is then used by Alexa for the command to torn on/off (simple to do)

I also am using something like having the same group to be triggered at sunset (simple)

The issue arises when the trigger is sunset. The devices only are turned on and not the group. Then when I try to use Alexa to turn the device group on/off it does not work properly because the virtual switch group is to off when only the devices are on.

I understand that this is discussed in Using Virtual Switch to turn on and off multiple lights issue but I don’t know what to use in my situation (corfam?). I would like to keep all groupings in ST and not in Alexa so that everything in devices within a virtual switch and any other group in ST. I may not have expressed all of this correctly but this can be read between the lines. If I can do this with webcore it is also fine if you could provide a starting place/code. Thanks

Could you have the sunset trigger the virtual switch instead of the group/lights? Seems like this might accomplish the same thing?