Multiple copies of the "Events to Event ghost" smartapp

(Scott Windmiller) #1

Does anyone have multiple copies of the Events to Eventghost smartapp installed? I have one already installed pointed to one of my computers but want a separate one pointed to a different PC. I installed it but it does not show up in my smartapp list on my phone (I named them differently) but it is installed and I had to dig deep into the ide to see it and remove it but had no way to configure it.
On a related note, if I select a minimote as a device for that app, I see the same command in Eventghost no matter which button on the minimote is pressed. It just recognizes that a button is pressed but not a certain one. Does anyone else see this?

I was trying to find a way to have a minimote button trigger something in Eventghost. I was hoping Ruke Machine would do this but I don’t see how.



What you want to do would normally work just fine However… appears that other are having similar problems with any recently installed app. Possibly related to the most recent upgrade made by ST???

(Kevin) #3

This post explains how to get the app to appear in the mobile app. It’s a bug in the latest update and ST is working on a permanent fix.

(Scott Windmiller) #4

Ok great…thanks. I have done this with so many apps and multiples were never a problem so I was baffled.

Thanks for the replies!


The issue with the minimote is a bug in my SmartApp. I have a minimote and can test this out for you yet this week and update the SmartApp if I can figure out how to make it work in some general way that will support both the Minimote and the ZWN-SC7 devices as they report button presses in slightly different ways.

I’m not very good at groovy so you’ll have to excuse me while I try and learn this stuff :slight_smile:


I’ve updated the Send Events to EventGhost SmartApp to version 1.2.0 in response to this request. The SmartApp now sends unique events in response to individual buttons and also indicates button press or hold (if the device supports it).


You have any idea how valuable your little smart app is? Given the unstable nature of ST these days I have moved all my actions within EG. When I look at what smartapp I have associated with any given device, in most cases only your app appears. Don’t seem to need anything else :smile:

Sometime last week I did post a question about the possibility of Smartapp lag. This posts stems from an occasional problem I have between the time a device state is updated and the time an app such as this one receives/responds to this event. I wonder if you have any insight on this issue? The post in question is here:

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Great! I will try it out as soon as I can. Thanks for looking at it so fast!


I have no insight other than that everyone else is seeing the same sort of thing. Out-of-order events and huge spikes in latency seem to be part of the game when dealing with ST, even when all the components live in the ST cloud.

I feel like the only solution here would be to enable some sort of local event messaging from the hub to a local device, but that would require ST to enable local applications beyond the one currently offered. My best-case scenario would be local MQTT support, where ST could send event messages to a local broker without involving the ST cloud, but I feel like that’s a pipe dream and is unlikely to happen until we have the ability to run community-created apps directly on the hub.