Wanna create a new device type of Z-wave In-wall 2 Realy Switch

(Jacksun101) #1

I’d like to create a new device type to control 2 Relay Switch. I am totally new on Smartthings and don’t know where to start. The following are the manual of the device. And I would like to create a device handler to control 2 Relay Switches separately. Any feedback will be much appreciated, thank you.

(Ray) #2

Not sure this will work but you can try the Emerwave dual Relay device handler from this post here. Also there is a monoprice dual Relay handler out there as well. Just do a search on the forum.

(Ben W) #3

To clarify, you want a single Device handler to control 2 devices?


Tech note: this device uses multichannel Association (not regular Association) to establish the second endpoint.

(Jacksun101) #5

Thanks guys. Especially thanks to Navat604. This is a simple/rough device type that works.