Multiple app issues (March 2021)

I don’t know if these issues are just my app and associated account or other people are finding the same

1.Companion apps, setup button fails to do anything

2.Virtual device quick timer, time on, set time change, does not save
At the moment it is set to come on at 16:30, I try to change it to 18:30 and although it appears to save, leaving the device page and returning shows 16:30 again

3.Home page randomly re arranges itself

4.Home Monitor - setup cog when clicked just puts me back to previous page, unable to access STHM devices at all

ST version no
Galaxy S10
Android 11
ONE UI 3.1

Looking through my automations, I have just noticed many oddities and I think I may know why, within the last couple of days I uninstalled and re installed the ST app to try and resolve the non working companion app, it appears my app has not synced with the back end properly, or at least That is how it appears

All automations are the same

@blake.arnold Blake are there any suggestions you might have ?

I can’t argue that the automations show similar issues but before I uninstalled the app automations were fine, re install and they show that

And what about all the other things that no longer function?

It’s all a bit of a mess jkp

I don’t mind the odd thing going wrong and accept the fact things are changing but when a large percentage of the app is now foobar I get a tad more concerned

i do not have android so i can’t comment on the other questions. i can answer on the dashboard rearranging… it does happen frequently on my iOS apps since December. or any time i logout or reinstall.

Again on that note, before uninstall reinstall my dash was 100% reliable, now it seems to semi save its state for a while, it really appears to be some kind of account sync issue

Logging out is something that I would have tried but we can’t on a Samsung phone

Latest issue found
STHM unable to change from Disarmed, Away and Home cannot be selected
Unable to add Leak or Smoke sensors

Like others are finding when adding smartlighting automation

Support ticket raised

OK no help from, I’m not in America so they just pushed me back to the contact us in the app which I did before and included a log, there reply then was … include a log ,?

No matter I have done it again, patience is a virtue

You do seem to be copping for everything going.

The nearest I’ve come to any of your issues is discovering that I had multiple copies of some of my Quick Controls (not specifically any timers though). I only found out when I looked on the Automations page. Just wondered if perhaps you ended up with more than one timer.

The most disappointing thing in this, there is a email address as well, for support in the UK. There isn’t any .de one where they officially sold the v3 Hubs. But the people on the .com address they just close any ticket because you are not in the US, and they are not forwarding it to the queue…

It is one of the worst support what I ever experienced. (Maybe the worst one.)

Comparing it with Linksys support, where I dropped an email and received an answer by the next day, due to being a US support. Then I told again my issue, and it has been escalated. A few days later on a Saturday afternoon/evening I received a call from the US and they tried to help me out with further troubleshooting options. The last option was reseting and swapping devices. They did their job. That was support.

Bearing in mind my above issues which I detailed and sent along with log, phone type, Os type and no, this is the best I can get
A log of the hub is sent but that’s pointless as there is no way of sending a log of the app itself

This is only script support from India, they have zero training on back end sync issues

I keep finding myself at dead ends

Now trying UK support ticket no 1164128

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Hi Mike,

We took a look at your issue and will be following up with you via the support ticket you referenced. Thanks for your patience!

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Thank you Ian whatever was done worked perfectly
Companion apps can now be setup
Quick timer changes percivere
Lighting automations look normal
Automations look normal
STHM setup cog now gives access to setup
Also received and installed with no apparent side affects
Many thanks