Introducing Companion Apps - not working/displaying

On 1/27/21 my SmartThings updated a notice to include “Introducing Companion Apps”. It says that you can use things like Samsung’s Clock, Calendar, Weather, etc. to use in Automations.

The notice says go to Drawers menu > Companion apps, but this does not appear

What’s going on and why send a notice update if it’s not actually updated?

Only for one ui 3.1

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I have a device with ui 3.1 and version of the ST app, and still cannot see companion apps - any thoughts?

Restart your device.

device restarted - with no additional luck

Try clearing the smartthings cache

cleared cache… cleared data…uninstalled/reinstalled app. Gonna see if I can reach out to support about it. According to the ‘What’s New’ as long as you have ui 3.1 and v1.17.59.23 or better, you should have the option.

Also having problems. I can see the companionapp icon but when i open it fails with updating smartthings framework. Have trodde clearing both cache and data with no luck.

Try restarting your device

Yup same here, companion apps icon shows up when hamburger menu is entered, all 3 options are available to me but at bottom of each one it says 'Set up ’ tap it and … nothing, literally nothing happens, its like the hyperlink to set up was not included in UI

Mine appeared last night after a Galaxy store Smartthings Framework or (similar) app update appeared

Must have been because of the One Ui 3.1 update as you say Andreas, not unusualy, it’s broke

Not sure if anyone else is seeing the same but my ‘contact us’ option is also slow to connect or fails to connect leaving just the spinning wait icon in the center of the screen

It started to work for me too last night.

I just updated to the most recent version of SmartThings that released another version, and One 3.1 that also had a recent update. After updating both of these, I finally see the Companion App. BTW- contacting smartThings support was a fruitless adventure - and I didn’t think they were able to even understand my issue.
All working now tho.

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The setup buttons work for you ?

Uninstalled the framework and re installed, same issue found

Sent a note to Samsung via the ST app with log and the reply was so poor I may as well not bothered

Yes, the button works for me. Re-install, and then restart your device. I’m currently using version I had problems with the Companion App when on version

Hmm different vers numbers to mine

Just rebooted, still no go

1.7.60 is the ST version, yup, already on that

And then I find the issue, S10 not supported ! And the text does not make it clear if the companion apps will filter down to the S10

Gota love Samsung
Which brings the question, why make the framework available to phones lower than S21 ?

Ahhhh yes, it’s not available on my S20 either. It’s only available on the devices that have One UI 3.1, and the only device I have with UI 3.1 is the Galaxy Tab S7

S10 is supported. Using s10e myself.

S20 is also supported. Mine has it.